Help, GH Shatter Multiple Curves

Hi Guys,
im stuck on something simple.
I would like to split the attached curves at their intersections and then join them together into a closed curve.
any help greatly appreciated.

ShatterQuestion.3dm (84.8 KB) (7.8 KB)

Here are a couple of options.

One uses Python, using the Rhino common method to Create Boolean Regions. (16.2 KB)


If you want just the intersections use Multiples intersections & Shatter component from Fennec addon

If you want regions you need Clipper addon and Region component from Fennec addon (21.4 KB)

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Awesome thanks Adam, your a legend.
both worked well in my definition.
I need to get into Python, looks very useful.

Thanks Seghier, your logic also worked.
the Fennac addon looks interesting, thanks for the heads up