Create regions from curves intersection

Hello guys,

I am trying to get the regions from the intersection of all those circles, I searched on the web but I am unable to find how to do this :

Please help !
Thanks (6.0 KB)

This is a problem that has come up before, and has a limited number of approaches.
Using GH:
In your example, because it is not that many lines, and is reasonably simple, you could just make a bounding (union) box around your geometry, and split the resulting box surface using the curves. This approach doesn’t scale very well, (performance wise), when the curve numbers/complexity increase.

Or…there are some custom scripted options as well. I remember seeing something on the old GH site that was pretty robust, using half edges…I think it was a custom VB component …I can’t remember.
EDIT: It was here!

Using Rhino Commands:
If you bake the geometry into Rhino, you can use CurveBoolean->Select Curves->DeleteInput=None, CombineRegions=No, Output=Surfaces, (click to accept), then click AllRegions and enter. (Rhino 6).
It’s very fast and, so far, seems to hold up pretty good against complex/high number of curves.

The CurveBoolean Command functionality, as described above, is not yet available in GH. I am hoping that is is exposed in RhinoCommon in some future release.


If you want all the pieces, does this work for you? (9.2 KB)


Thanks for your answer, I hope it will be implemented in GrassHopper

Thank you so much, this is what I needed !

This is beautiful.