Grasshopper - Join Curves as matrix


solution is probably obvious, but I cannot find the solution…:).

I want to divide a ‘donut’ into 10 even parts i.e 10 closed curves. I manage to trim the circles and create the line segments, but somehow I cannot join the 10x4 curves which would make up the segments. GH reverts back to two circles and 10 line segments.

Circle (13.8 KB)

Any advice?

Thanks in advance!

All you need to do is graft the S outputs on the two Shatter components.
As you can see by hovering your mouse on the output, there are ten branches each.

If you want to create a surface for every segment, you could loft the shattered circular segments.

Circle (25.4 KB)

Aaah…Just couldn’t find it.

Thanks a lot!