Help Flow along surface

ลอยดอกไม้อิหยัง.3dm (1.1 MB)
I create a geometric pattern to apply it on my geometric form but when i apply it on form surface it look like the picture that i upload
The first one the pattern didnt fit in surface
Second on i create new surface on the form and the pattern fit in perfectly but i want the pattern to remain geometric this one lose it shape
How can i do it or i have to do it manualy?

Hello - you’ll have to place your patterns ‘manually’ - that is, I do not see how to make this using FlowAlongSrf - that command works with exactly one target and one base surface. I think I would decide which parts of the pattern belong on what faces and use OrientOnSrf to get it there, and make adjustments - I can imagine that negotiating the corners will be a challenge if the pattern must wrap - it is hard to know what the result you intend is.

ลอยดอกไม้อิหยัง_maybe.3dm (461.2 KB)


wow that exactly what i need thx