Projecting/Flowing pattern onto domed shape

Hello people! :smiley: . I need to get the pattern in pink onto this domed shape without having too much distortion.

I would usually use a combination of smash and Flowalongsrf however as you can see when I do smash the green dome I end up with the pizza looking shape which I don’t think is any good to me.

Has anyone got any ideas on as to how I could achieve this??

Thanks :smiley:

If the pattern is curves then try Project or Pull. You will need to line up the pattern center with the center of the dome.


to use _FlowAlongSrf for that, you might use a planar base surface made of a revolved line so it can match the revolved dome shape. Another method is to create the dome using a very dense trimed patch surface, shrink it and create a planar surface from your circle enclosing the pattern. Then use _ApplyCrv to transform the pattern from the planar surface to the patched dome surface. Finally you could pull the resulting curves to your original revolved dome for accuracy.



@JulesJewels Is this what you want?

If so I created it by centering the curves under the dome, and then using Project to project the curves onto the dome in the Top view.
Project.3dm (134.0 KB)

Or you might like this:

This was created using Pull. A helper line was created which is perpendicular to the edge of the dome and extends to the plane of the pattern. The pattern was scaled to the end of the helper line. Then Pull was used to pull the enlarged pattern onto the dome.Pull.3dm (123.4 KB)

Unfortunately not, The dome is not of a consistent shape (The curve I revolved to create it is pictured) and so neither pull or project work properly. (There is quite a lot of distortion around the edge especially)

that’s why I wanted to use flow along surface, I would normally Smash a surface but when I smash the domed surface I don’t get a nice circular base surface which would work perfectly.

These are project and pull attempts. Project is actually not too far from what I’m after but it’s not quite there unfortunately :frowning:

What does _CreateUVCrv do if you select the dome surface? I sometimes use the result of this command as a base for my 2D patterns when flowing.

@clement Thanks for your help, revolving a line to use a base srf did the trick! :smiley:

That’s damn good idea :+1: