How to Flow A Pattern Along a Surface

Dear All,

I’m currently working on a file where I’d like to apply some perforation patterns on some curved surfaces. I’ve unrolled the surface and applied the pattern I want, but when I try to FlowAlongSrf, the pattern is significantly distorted. I’ve tried applying the pattern via creating a UV curve, but a similar thing happens. Any tips or advice on how I can get the patterns to map on the surfaces properly?

I’ve attached some screen shots of the pattern I would like to achieve and what the result of FlowAlongSrf is giving me.

Thank you.

Hi Chyna, usually if you create the unrolled boundary using _CreateUVCrv and then draw inside the boundary curve, you should be able to apply it afterwards using _ApplyCrv. But i´ve not tested both commands on a Mac.

If you use FlowAlongSurface, it may work only if you first unroll your 3D geometry and then take care to select the same corner near the Base and Target surface. Sometimes, the surface directions after using _UnrollSrf get reversed or flipped which may cause a strange result. You might check this as well using the _Dir command on both surfaces (3D and unrolled one).

If you cannot get further, please post a file so others can have a look on your pattern geometry.


Thanks Clement. I’ll give that a go and get back to you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Clement! I think it was how my patterns were placed in the UV box that stopped them from flowing along properly. Your help was much appreciated!