Flow along surface on joined surfaces

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to apply a pattern on an object made of different surfaces. I unrolled the surfaces and placed my pattern on the unrolled surfaces. however when applying the flow along surface i can only apply a pattern on one face.
Is there a way to apply the flow along surface on many surfaces at a time?

Thanks in advance!


Use the Flow command

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Thanks it works,
But is it possible to have a flow along surface on many surfaces at a time?

Also I tried rebuilding the initial base curve so that when i extrude it it only creates a single one, i was able to apply the flow along surface but the circles on the flat surfaces are a bit shrinks horizontally… how can i keep the proportion of my circles?

You can use the Squish command on your polysurface, place your circles on the “flattened” surface, then run squishBack, select the flattened surface and then your circles on it.

I can only select one surface of the polysurface with the squish option

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i must concur, that does not seem to work on mac. i tried Rhino 5 and Rhino 6

@wim any idea if that is a known bug?

it is already a matter of mcneel :sweat_smile:

so no possibility to do it on mac? :pensive:

the second solution seems to only work on windows.

ok, i will use the flow along curve then.
But regarding the deformation of the pattern on the surface is there a way to keep the pattern not defromed when the surface isn’t flat? It happen on every kind of non flat surface