Hatch: Using boundry on a bunch of curves shows the right preview but then fails

Hi guys, this happens quite often and wastes precious time, can you please look into it?

I select a bunch of curves (from a section of an architectual model) and then I want to hatch the outline so I use Boundry and click outside the curves, all good so far and the preview is perfect, but then when I hit OK nothing happens and Rhino reports that it failed… why? It managed to show me the preview, so why can’t I have that?


Hatch boundry of all fails.3dm (101.3 KB)

If I select all, explode the curves and delete duplicates then it works.
IMO this could/should be incorperated as a under-the-hood approach if you find it reliable.

(Edit: that’s the good thing with bug reports, once reported I start exploring and sometimes finds workarounds)


Hei Jørgen -
I put this on the list as RH-61200 so that the developers can take a look. I found a similar YT item from 4 weeks ago that was closed with “Won’t fix” because there was no good way to get around the problems with the curves. I leave it to the developers to check this particular case, though…
Also note, when I went through the process here, I was immediately warned about self-intersecting curves and so it’s relatively easy to start fixing things. But, yes…

Thanks Wim,
do you know why the preview works fine though?

Nope -we’ll see what the devs say…

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Hatch calls the CurveBoolean code. For speed, CurveBoolean works on polyline approximations of the curves. The preview comes from the approximations. The failure is in the attempt to find the corresponding intersections of the inputs.