Hatching small curves tosses a "selfintersecting curve" error even if they are not. Scaling helps

Hi guys, I was testing out Vectorize and tried to hatch the result (which is very small if filesize is Meter) and that causes Hatch to throw a “self intersecting curve” error. But the curves are not.
If I scale up with 100 the hatching works just fine. Scaling the hatch back down works too.

Can you take a look at that?
Example curves here: (v7 file)
Small Curves wont Hatch.3dm (819.6 KB)

Hi Jorgen - I see this - refining tolerance does not help so far, it may be that Hatch uses its own. IntersectSelf finds a self intersection here, for example,

at a tolerance of .01 but not at .001
RH-62287 Hatch: Locate self-intersections


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Thanks for taking a look Pascal.
I guess Hatch has a reason for this, maybe for exporting to AutoCad?
Anyway, it would be great if Hatch highlighted the curve it found trouble with on exit.