Hatch failure

In the attached Hatch appears to fail… Actually it does create a hatch, but it is not visible… PlanrSrf on the same objects succeeds…

Thx, --Mitch

HatchFail.3dm (285.4 KB)

Hatch works if you use Boundry.
But it takes quite a long time.

So you probably has some kind of selvintersecting curve somewhere.

Selecting and hatching every single curve seperately might help you find the problem.

Edit: And the hatch becomes very heavy, just dragging it takes a while. So something is odd there…

Odd… I tried curveboolean and found two “issues” see image.
Then I hatched the result and that was quick and fine.

And that does not really make sense to me, so I did it again, and there is an issue with the overlapping curve, that gives a different result if I select once whithin the “stroke”, or if I select the outside, then removes all the inner bits.

Yeah, the curves are really wacky - a bunch of self-intersections (some I can’t see) and other problems. When I tried to fix them with CurveBoolean, I got some doubled-over curves as well… Funny, PlanarSrf handled this OK, but not Hatch. Anyway I had to spend quite awhile tracking down the problems and fixing them.