Boundary Hatch R7 fail!

Hi, what I really love in Rhino is hatching, but since Rhino 7 version a still have got problems creating hatches I’ve never had before. In many cases. I get only “bounding” square hatch around curves. In previous versions I get real fine hatch… I try it in R5 with the same curves and it works. In R7 not… why!? And simplifying curves is not a solution and of course it’s not work in many times.

Rhino 7 hatch failed.3dm (147.9 KB)
Rhino 5 hatch fine.3dm (43.3 KB)

There were some junk curves, but they were not the cause of the problem. (I put them in a layer named “junk.”) The problem was either different direction of the curves, or large distance between their start/end points. I fixed both flaws and made good hatch. (I used MatchCrvDir and CrvSeam commands.)

Rhino 7 hatch failed.3dm (167.4 KB)

OK. thanks… one of the junk curves made as a border from other hatch. But why R5 could made a proper hatch and R7 not? Sometimes it helped that I made right border from “square” hatch and than I could made a good hatch…
But all those steps (even yours) are annyoing compare to R5… :confused:

Hi Jakub -

I’ve put your file on this list of things to take a look at as RH-66648 but I’m guessing this has something to do with the location of the curves and the document tolerances. Your curve is more than 1.2 billion units away from the origin. Your document tolerances are set to 0.01 units but some of the curve segments are shorter than 0.05 units.

A lot of work has gone into Rhino 7 to make working far from the origin more reliable than in previous versions of Rhino. As a side effect, I can imagine that things that “accidentally” used to work in Rhino 5, no longer work in Rhino 7. But that is speculation on my part and the developer will take a closer look at some point.

As a general advice, work around the origin and don’t have features that are smaller than 10 times the document tolerance.