Hatch not functioning

I’ve never used hatch in all these years of using Rhino since ver 2.
The first time I use it to provide some visual separation it works fine.
The second time to repeat use it asks,“Click inside regions to keep.”
I thought I did something inadvertently. But no. It keeps asking as though I am using curve bolean.
Restarting Rhino6 hatch works 1 time. Then back to “click inside”
Never experienced Rhino going off the deep end like this. Any comments?

Note that Hatch has a command line option “Boundary”. If it’s set to yes, it will ask you for curves to define the boundary and it then acts exactly like CurveBoolean. The setting is not sticky between sessions, so it sounds like you are somehow activating this option every time… Or something is buggy in your install.

OK I understand that. Never had issues with Rhino install in many years.
I am working with curves created by Make2D. (not very improved for accuracy BTW)
In one instance I joined the curves. The attempted to hatch to distinguish one from the other.
Just for my clarity.
After “click inside regions to keep” response, a statement appeared: “Self intersecting loop was found. No hatches made.”
If I take that closed curve and copy to a new file. Hatch works as expected.
I can’t post example because it’s proprietary.

You might have different document tolerances in those files. Hard to tell without a file, though…