Has anyone tried spaceNavigator in Big Sur? [V8 WIP]

Just found out that I now have to upgrade to Big Sur in order to use the current WIP.

Computer is old [the oldest version still supported for Big Sur] but I worry especially about 3Dconnexion, as the driver they advertise as compatible to Big Sur is still in Beta… + it is not the latest one listed as suitable to my device.
Upgrading their drivers has in the past led to days of trouble shooting and seeking info in their forum…

here’s my current drivers state:

thanks a lot

I am currently running Big Sur on a MBP 16" with a SpaceMouse Pro Wireless and the beta drivers you mentioned.
Am not a pro spacemouse user yet - but basic things seem to work fine.

I am not using it too heavily though as the need for a USB-receiver annoys me honestly haha - why can’t they make at least a USB-C version of their unifying receiver???

And I am also really missing the orbiting feature:

Furthermore button mapping does not really make sense to me, but that I guess is not a 3Dconnexion issue, but more sth that has to be fixed from the McNeel side…

Hope this is helpful, let me know if you have specific questions!
May I ask what Mac you are using right now?


Thanks @rudolf.neumerkel
I’m using an 8 years old Late 2013 2.6GHz MBP Still with Catalina.
wasn’t going to upgrade at all, but for the WIP.

because the space navigator [for notebook] is a discontinued model… it’s not clear at all from their website if it will work with the Beta driver. Last time I did a driver update [as mentioned in initial post] it took a few days of down time to sort it out.

Thanks a lot

It seems to be in the list at least… I don’t own a SpaceNavigator, so I cannot speak with experience.

Supported devices:

  • CadMouse ( requires firmware version 1.06 or newer )
  • CadMouse Wireless (only via Bluetooth and cable, requires firmware version 1.11 or newer )
  • CadMouse Compact
  • CadMouse Compact Wireless (only via Bluetooth and cable)
  • CadMouse Pro
  • CadMouse Pro Wireless (only via Bluetooth and cable)
  • CadMouse Pro Wireless Left (only via Bluetooth and cable)
  • SpaceMouse Compact
  • SpaceMouse Enterprise
  • SpaceMouse Pro
  • SpaceMouse Pro Wireless
  • SpaceMouse Wireless
  • SpacePilot Pro
  • SpaceNavigator
  • Universal Receiver (only for wireless SpaceMouse devices)

Known issues:

  • Wireless CadMouse devices will not work with the Universal Receiver. We recommend using Bluetooth instead.


I guess your MacBook is running a NVIDIA graphics card? If so, I am not sure if BigSur is supporting NVIDIA cards at all!

Apple site says it is supported.

[to make do for a few more month until the new M1x [and the related budget]]
with best regards

i am realizing, that I am not so sure about V8, let me check for second (it is charging now)

the next gen MBP should be epic btw haha

ok seems to behave fine, apart from the two posts mentioned above (other topics…)