Helicopter mode with 3Dconnexion Space Navigator

A post on the 3Dconnexion forum suggests the existence of a !_SpaceMouse Popup_Menu command, which I can’t find in Rhino 5.1 for Mac.

It’s very tricky to navigate architecture using the Space Navigator’s default model manipulation paradigms. I fired up a VM and confirmed that Rhino for Windows is working correctly and offers helicopter mode in a popup menu using the same 3Dconnextion device and computer.

Any advice on this? Is helicopter mode not implemented, or have I just not found it?

Thank you.

The 3DConnexion support in Rhino for Mac is not the same as what is provided in Rhino 5 for Windows. 3DConnexion wrote the plug-in for Rhino 5 for Windows, and this code has not yet been ported to the Mac. Thus, Rhino for Mac’s space mouse functionality is similar to what is/was provided in Rhino 4.0 (for Windows).

@dale, thanks so much for your prompt response.

Is there a timeline for adding this functionality to Rhino for Mac either on McNeel’s side or 3DConnexion’s?

Helicopter mode seems like a relatively simple remapping of the axes. As a developer it’s tempting to consider a DIY rewrite of Space Navigator support. Before investigating this further, do you have a sense of whether such an approach be within the scope / capabilities of Rhino for Mac 5.1’s new plugin architecture?

Thank you.

Yes there is. @dan can provide you more details.

Hey @kitschpatrol
Sorry for the delayed reply.

We just got our RhinoCommon plugin architecture released in 5.1, so all this stuff is quite new. We’ve been in contact with 3DConnexion and will continue to work with them to get a more full-fledged plugin into Rhino for Mac. I can’t provide an accurate timeline for you on this.

Thank you Dan. Hopefully there are news in the short term (a few weeks? ^^)

At this point, developing a (new) 3DConnexion plugin is up to 3DConnexion. We will do everything we can to support their efforts.

Use all day Mouse 3D Connection with Rhino Mac. Although not required, they are available for any test.

Dan, thank you for your response.

If anyone else is driven to distraction by this missing feature, you can approximate (but not replicate) the mapping thusly:

Also FYI I have a similar thread open over on the 3Dconnexion forums. They seem to think plugin development is in your court, and vice-versa:

Has this been resolved?

So, as I can understand you can rotate the scene only around z-axis in Rhino for Mac?

I have been using the space pilot pro for months now and it’s working great. I remeber needing to take some extra time to set it up with rhino but It is operating good. Although some times I start the program and get no response from it. A restart solves that.

All axis can be manipulated simultaneously on rhino for Mac.

Hi, Ivin! Thanks for attention

To be more precise - I’ve encountered today that in Rhino for Windows, when you rotate the wheel - the scene rotates around vertical axis which is going through the middle of the viewport. So you can position the scene and rotate at any angle you wish.
In Rhino for Mac default rotation is around World’s Z-axis, and I see no options to change it.

Im not familiar with Rhino for Windows. But i think i understand what your saying. Because I’ve used Rhino for Mac Exclusively with the 3dconnexion i haven’t thought about it operating differently. Maybe you could get a similar result by using the cplane command altho i realize this isn’t nearly as convenient as what your used to.

This is the configuration that I use on SpaceMouse Pro with Rhino (in my case 90 degrees to the right.)


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Thanks for sharing, Zsimon
I’ve captured screencast showing the behavior
When I tilt the cylinder so y-world axis is up, “3DMouse spin” still rotates around z-zxis, and not y (like in Rhino Win)

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I believe that this option gets the required result .

All I needed was to check Rhino Preferences - View - Rotate Relative To View
Thanks for help!

I’m experiencing some misbehavior:
I’ve exactly mad a custom Tool as you made with this script:
'_TiltView _Angle -90

and assigned the right button of My Connexion to it. But at each right click it just tilt by 6°.