Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Hallo, here is my first big model. Was a lot of work. Almost 40 percent of the time spent looking for usable images to reconstruct.
I still have to work on the rendering. I also lack the knowledge and skills to be able to show the grooves in the brake disc for example.
So critiques, improvements but also praise are welcome.


If you built that whole thing from scratch, and it is your first model, Iā€™M IMPRESSED!

You have a bright future!

For groove, you can:

  • construct geometry of the groove and then Boolean Difference (cut) the groove into the disk
  • build the groove into the cross-section 2D and revolve (when applicable)

lass krachen :wink:

Some more pics. Every rendering is a real great torture for my Mini PC.

@ec2638 Not my first model at all, but the first big model.