Hard to control scene with 3D mouse

It is almost imposible to navigate through a larger scene with a 3D mouse unless something is selected.
It wasn’t like this a week or two ago.


Hi Piotr,
I’ve had the same issue and realised that the camera target always point to PDC origin if nothing selected.
I’ve found that the problem occour if there are only 2d curves visible (no surfaceso or polisurfaces).
If i draw a cube then the 3d mouse recognize it and point the target camera to it.

I have all type of elements in my file yet it still behaves oddly.

Ok, so I suggest you to check the configuration both on _SpaceMouse _PopupMenu
and in 3dConnexion panel are the same

Sometimes _SpaceMouse in Rhino set the Navigation Mode to Object Mode and 3dConnexion panel report Target Camera Mode (resetting the parameter could help? I hope).

I’m using Rhino driver only and it has been my only setup for more than decade.
It is set exactly as on a top img except for Show on Motion (I choose Hide).

So you don’t have 3dconnexion in your task bar?


Mine helped by turning auto off.—-Mark
Up / down is fine
Forward/backward fine
Rotate in single direction fine
Compound rotate is where mine is not working well.
I am in Object mode as well. Have the March of this year drive installed.

Another weird thing is that Auto on is bleaching rendered mode (?)

(Auto OFF)
(Auto ON)

In this case, when i see the rotation isn’t fine, I stop for a second to let Rhino recalculate the target camera with the scene ( I selected the “Show on motion” to understand where the target is; if the blue logo disappear, i stop and start again rotation so i see again the target in the scene).

I do it as well but it helps only for a very short period.

I hear you. —-Mark

I understand your idea of waiting. Don’t understand why- other than letting software finding a new target.
Shouldn’t this be quite smooth without user waiting?-Mark

This can be due to the change of the target.
Try selecting always show and turn on/off “auto” to see where the target camera is.

What I suggest are only workarounds I found to solve the problem “on the fly”…
In rhino 6 all was good…
Probably new V7 pipeline is too complex and the 3dconnexion driver need some improvements to be more stable.
Also, imho, I think that the driver don’t work very well due to different rhino version installed at the same time (seems that settings are shared between different rhino version… but could be I’m wrong).

When I do a you suggested, it reacts well but only for a second or two. Then undesired behavior returns.
What you said sounds logical above. —-Mark

@pascal For when you wake up.

Just thinking about other things that can cause problem to Rhino… :thinking:
Probably you already know, but, are your models far away from origin?
If yes, try to move them on the center of the “world” construction plane and see if the 3dmouse works better.

Thanks that’s exactly what happened to my SpaceMousePro.

I definitely never set it to Target Camera Mode…

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I’ve found something that could explain why the 3dmouse isn’t working correctly…
If I make a “Zoom Extents” of the view, I see that the Camera Target is calculated only on surfaces/polisurfaces… the curves aren’t calculated…
If I SELECT some curves and make a Zoom Selected I see the camera target centered with the selected curves and, after unselecting the curves, the target camera works correctly: it centers with all the objects that appear in the view (surfaces and curves) and the 3d mouse is stable and rotate around the objects that are in front of the scene.
If I make a Zoom Extents the target camera is resetted and looks only at surfaces/polisurfaces.
So I think that the problem is from Rhino that doesn’t see all the objects in the view until you force it to make a zoom selected.

@Piotr @markintheozarks