Space Navigator - Mouse Issues (Rhino 60

Not sure if this is still an issue: If navigating via SN in Rhino while moving the mouse/pen movement gets sticky/stuck.
Is there a way to have this smoothly interacting simultanously. Thanks

Hi @hannesgrebin,

Does this help?

– Dale

Hi @dale the update to the recent driver version didn’t change much. :frowning:

Hi @hannesgrebin,

This from 3Dconnexion:

1.) Switch off auto rotation center (3Dconnexion icon in the systray->Open 3Dconnexion Properties ->Advanced Settings: Uncheck Auto) which will then make the 3Dmouse use the Rhino target for rotation,


2.) In Rhino: Set View->Top (3DMouse treats the file as a 2D file and doesn’t calculate the rotation center).

Does thishelp?

– Dale

Hey @dale thanks so much for your input, this def solved the issue problem is that with auto on in a certain situation when I would center a part and it would be the rotation center with auto off and zooming out the center would switch to view and not the selected part. so I will stick with the same settings and never mind. If you have any other idea pls share. Have a nice day! Hannes

Hi Hannes,
I am experiencing the exact same problem with my space mouse Enterprise. I never had a problem on my old PC running Rhino 5.
I had a new professional workstation built to run Rhino 6 (i7-8700K, Quadro P2000, plenty of RAM and a SSD… Ought to be enough for anyone… right?..). I had already checked my drivers and I just tried following the instruction from Dale’s post above. I understand exactly what you mean, it fixes the problem but it’s not the ideal settings for working on larger models. What I found was with my new high resolution monitor (3840x2160) my favorite old mouse which I kept from my old system didn’t have a high enough DPI to run smoothly on it so I bought a Logitech G402 (adjustable up to 4000DPI) which was much smoother. That is when I encountered the problem so updated the driver for the mouse but to no avail. Out of curiosity I plugged in a cheap spare mouse I found in the office and sure enough the problem is fixed, the Enterprise and the cheap mouse work perfectly together with the center of rotation auto adjusting to the middle of the veiwport on the closest object. So now I live with the dilemma, have a sensitive mouse and a poor viewing experience or vice-versa. I hope this long-winded story sheds a little light on the problem but I am still looking for a solution. Whether it is a problem with Rhino, 3Dconnexion, Logitech or Asus or a combination of some/all of them, I don’t know yet.