3DConnexion plugin still broken (Rhino6)

For some reason this plugin always has problems especially regarding the center of rotation.

Installed the latest drivers and the latest Rhino 6 SP, still the rotation is stuck on 0,0,0

After changing the usb port a few times and restarting Rhino seems to fix the issue. Still very weird inconsistent behavior.

3d connexion SpacePilot and SpaceMouse both have some weird problem with the report rate for the 3d cap of the device depending on whether you connect them to USB 2 or USB 3 port. Also, their speed rate gets crazy when connected to the special gaming USB port that some PC desktop and laptop machines have. Other peripherals such as mice don’t have sch problem, no matter which USB port they use.

Damn, I now experienced yet another issue with it. While working Rhino became non-responsive for whatever reason. Then when it came back responsive all I can do with the space mouse is zooming and it does so incrementally (not smooth). I had to unplug the mouse and restart Rhino to make it work again.

Also, that’s newly re-installed Windows, with a handful of other software (and games of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but the games are not messing much cuz you don’t really install them they are managed by Steam)