Hang while editing linked block

does anybody else have this issue that crops up occasionally where when you double click a linked block something goes wrong and the current session is stuck in “paused” mode and the linked block doesn’t open… and then it’s like there’s nothing you can do?

HI Ryan- have you closed the session that is editing the linked block?


yes. I think the issue comes from when I accidentally double click a block, then close the new session before it’s completely loaded up.

Yep, thanks, I can reproduce that. Still testing but it looks like closing the second session does not fully close Rhino.exe and so the original session is not released to go back to work. You may be able to rescue that session by closing the extra session in TaskManager > Process page.

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I am having the same problem. Probably something wrong with my computer but when I double click on a linked block it hangs up with the message…Rhino is paused while the linked block is being edited in another version of Rhino. I want to be able to edit the linked block but Rhino freezes up and never opens the block. I have have to use Windows Task Manger to shut down Rhino. Rebooting the computer and starting over does not work either. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

So, there is not another instance of Rhino open, or trying to open? Does task manager show only one instance running?


This has started happening again as described in post 1. Twice now in two days I’ve lost work.

SO infuriating. Doubleclick should NOT do this by default if the feature isn’t stable. Doubleclick accidentally while working far too often to have it crashing.

Which brings up a good point… I don’t see any options in mouse. Where is the setting so I can disable doubleclick for blockedit.

Now it seems to be working okay now. I think the problem is my computer is old and unstable. Thanks!