A little glitch involving layout details and linked blocks

Double-clicking on a linked block pauses the current instance of Rhino and takes you to the file the block is so you can edit it. This is good, but --unfortunately, when you double click on a layout detail that has a linked block in it – to “activate the detail” – with no intention of editing a block, you are still taken to the external file where the block lives so you can edit it.

It’s happened several time today. I wonder if Rhino could ask you “Do you want to edit this block? Yes/ Cancel” before it actually does it?

Thank you.


Hi Cosmas,
I believe it is already there. I get it both in model and layout modes.
Type BlockEdit,
On the Command line, there will be an options to “PromptToEditLinkedBlocks=No”.
Click it to Yes.

Yes is the default, but the prompt dialog has an option to “do not prompt again.”.
If this gets checked, the option gets set to No, and it is persistent.

Let me know if this helps.
Mary Fugier

As always, you guys rock.