Gyroid 3D printable


Mind blowing, very well done!

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Thank you!

Ha, I struggled with this a while back, and now it’s a push-button infill in Cura! :joy:


Little gyroid chair model, using Cura’s gyroid infill and zero perimeters. Alas, Cura prints an extra internal perimeter, which is sensible for an infill pattern obvs as it joins the infill to the perimeter shells, but not what I was hoping for, ie just printing the gyroid without the bridging surfaces. Anyone know a hack for this?

Those are awesome!

I’ve never used this feature before, but I’ll check it out!
Also, I’m not sure if I understand exactly what part of the feature you are referring to, is it what looks like a wireframe running along the outside? If so, have tried changing the outer wall count to 0?

Edit: Oh wait, you said internal perimeter…
any chance you can send the stl? i can check it out.

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When Cura (or most slicers) calculates an infill pattern it logically follows the outer perimeter offset by one nozzle-width to properly bond to the perimeter, even if the perimeter is zero…
What I need is to stop printing/extruding whenever the print head is on the perimeter… The image shows one perimeter to illustrate what’s happening, but I don’t want to print that…

Any model will do to try it out… it’s the g-code I’m wrestling with…