3D printed vase in porcelain

Designed and gcode generated in Grasshopper, printed on a WASP 40100; glazed and fired to cone 6.

Really loving the control that generating gcode inside Grasshopper allows. Been playing a lot with surface textures and so far these fine bumps are wining because of the way glaze breaks over them, creating contrasting colors in a very precise way.


amazing work!!


Nice job!

Mind blowing work @brooks ! :star_struck:You 3d printed a mould then poured ceramic clay in it or this is directly 3d printed?

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Thank you! This is direct printed using a WASP 40100 Clay printer. I’m looking to get into CNC milling of plaster molds using Rhino this year, but the learning curve has me a little spooked.



Wow! Nice work and nice printer!

Hi really amazing! Can i get you grasshopper file? our lab working at clay printing too. thanks very much

Thanks! I’m not comfortable sharing the gh file at this point… I would like to put together a simpler demo version and will ping you when I get to that. But everything I’ve done is built on the wonderful work and examples in Advanced 3D Printing with Grasshopper: Clay and FDM.

Oh yeah it’s really an useful book. In fact, I have finished reading this book, and I have really learned a lot. But I am a grasshopper beginner, and many of the examples in the book are a bit incomprehensible to me. Look forward to your sharing, thanks a lot.