3D printed vase in porcelain

Designed and gcode generated in Grasshopper, printed on a WASP 40100; glazed and fired to cone 6.

Really loving the control that generating gcode inside Grasshopper allows. Been playing a lot with surface textures and so far these fine bumps are wining because of the way glaze breaks over them, creating contrasting colors in a very precise way.


amazing work!!


Nice job!

Mind blowing work @brooks ! :star_struck:You 3d printed a mould then poured ceramic clay in it or this is directly 3d printed?

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Thank you! This is direct printed using a WASP 40100 Clay printer. I’m looking to get into CNC milling of plaster molds using Rhino this year, but the learning curve has me a little spooked.



Wow! Nice work and nice printer!

Hi really amazing! Can i get you grasshopper file? our lab working at clay printing too. thanks very much

Thanks! I’m not comfortable sharing the gh file at this point… I would like to put together a simpler demo version and will ping you when I get to that. But everything I’ve done is built on the wonderful work and examples in Advanced 3D Printing with Grasshopper: Clay and FDM.

Oh yeah it’s really an useful book. In fact, I have finished reading this book, and I have really learned a lot. But I am a grasshopper beginner, and many of the examples in the book are a bit incomprehensible to me. Look forward to your sharing, thanks a lot.

Does the printer do the white dots too, or are they post-painted? Nice work :slight_smile:

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it looks amazing!

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Looks to me like an effect of glazing a textured surface.

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Indeed – the dots are a surface texture generated during the print, and then the glaze melts and pools into the valleys, leaving the dots exposed in the white porcelain color.

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that is beautiful. does the glazing shrink (into the valleys) during the burning process in that case?

Yep, exactly, the glaze starts as even coverage everywhere, and then when it melts to liquid glass, surface tension pulls it into the valleys. It was a lucky find but I’ll take it :slight_smile:

BTW, any connection to the band Encephalon?

hi nope, i had a deep dive into that sound and was blown away, i am not sure if that was good for my brain but ok one never heard it as long as one did not hear it.