Spiral vase, 3D printed in porcelain

More 3D printed pottery. As before, this is designed in Grasshopper, gcode generated in Grasshopper, printed on a Wasp 40100 clay printer.

The piece is printed in a very pure porcelain and fired to cone 6, leaving a rim of glaze on the inside and raw porcelain for the rest:

Getting the tool paths for the flat base was tricky – ideally, the extruder needs to cover the entire area of each solid layer exactly once, since crossing existing paths results in too much clay extrusion, leading to bumps and globs and other unpleasantness.

Many, many thanks to @Joseph_Oster and @RadovanG, whose insights and code samples in this thread were invaluable in finding a good solution:

…it’s a little hard to see there, but that’s four layers if of infill at alternating 90 degree angles, which is critical to having a strong piece that won’t crack when drying or firing.


wow - very nice work

wow! stunning!! thanks for sharing!!

Beautiful. Can the process be adapted for printing structures? On the moon?

I re-attached cooling fins in an RV refrigerator recently with Loctite PL Premium Construction Adhesive, which is AMAZING stuff and might work well printed? Works fine frozen. Apparently sets faster with a light mist of water applied.

The print-to-spec market seems very ripe for extensive development and common use.

Sure, the process can print structures. In fact the company that makes my clay printer did a building using a scaled up version of this printer, and some clever software to print with two arms.

On the moon? Don’t see why not - the extrusion relies on pressurizing a tank of clay-like material and an auger to meter the amount deposited, seems like that should work. I’d be happy to try if someone will buy me a ticket :slight_smile:

As for construction adhesive… it’s interesting. There are cool things being done in resin printing and in glass printing. Main issue I’d see with adhesive would be the materials and path to deposit it without ending up with the printer gummed up. Maybe?

I just noticed that this thread doesn’t appear on the Grasshopper forum. Missing a ‘Grasshopper’ tag?

Looks like it can’t be tagged both gallery and grasshopper. At least, I can’t get it to!

Beautiful! Would you mind if I post it on LinkedIn?

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so printed it would stand with ripples, which are then filled up by the glazing?

By all means, free free to post as you see fit :slight_smile:

Hi @brooks ,

congratulation, this is beautifull. Reminds me of a seashell.

Two questions:

  • how did you access the Wasp Machine ? Is there a service available somewhere ?
  • how did you bake the vase ?



Thanks @Peugeot!

I’m not sure if there are services that let you print on clay printers. This one I bought as part of a rabbit hole into 3D printing and ceramics. After printing, the clay is fired and glazed traditionally, in a ceramics kiln.

Stunning work. Love that the rabbit hole took you there and that you were willing to continue does the path.