Gumball Suggestion

This is just a simple suggestion for the gumball, but one which would save me a lot of time in the long run.

There are often times when I want to move an object say 100mm in the x or y direction. Often I need to do this multiple times to different objects, but the problem is the direction it needs to move is sometimes in the direction of the axis arrow, and sometimes the opposite. Meaning instead of just keeping 100 in the text field, I need to change to -100. This wastes a lot of time, especially when having to do this numerous times.

If there is a way to avoid this I don’t know about it.

If it doesn’t exist, the obvious solution would be (for example): Hold shift when pressing the arrow to make the object move in the opposite direction to the arrow. That way, you could keep the same value and the process would be much faster. (I think right now shift doesnt do anything when you press an arrow?)

Thanks and please let me know if theres something I’m missing!

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+1 for some sort of quick flip/invert function. find myself often in the same situation.

in the meantime you can cmd click on the gumball rotation, setting it to 180 degrees will store independently from the move value.