Gumball Negative or Positive feature request

When a value is typed into an axis it would be nice to be able to toggle a negative/positive version of it on the next use via a keyboard. Similar to how tapping Alt copies.



I wonder how that would work if you typed in something like cos(pi/7)+8. Would it then change to -(cos(pi/8)+8) ?

I guess so

I would like to see some sort of solution for this too, I am forever having to move objects or subobjects one after the other the same distance, but in opposite directions…

Exactly. You try to be efficient; doing all the negatives, then positives, then ending up bouncing around between +/-.

This would save us a lot of time too. I like this idea a lot.


Maybe the Gumball needs arrows in both directions? Be a bit cluttered though.

A flip plane option similar to relocate gumball would do it.

This macro has really been nice.

_GumballRelocate _Pause _Enter

I like this, It’d be a nice little speed booster-