Relocate gumball

I am trying to manipulate an object with the command solid points on, however when i relocate the gumball to move a point in a custom direction and then click to a different point to move it in a different direction but with the same gumball orientation, it resets the gumball between picking points.? i want the gumball to stay relocated so i can make multiple moves with the new gumball orientation without having to relocate the gumball every time. thanks for the advice as always.

Hi Ethank- that is correct… for now, the gumball does not transfer edited orientation from one object to another- in addition, multiple selections and control point selections do not hold on to gumball info when deselected.


It would be great if there was an option for this, I spend a LOT of time relocating the gumball redundantly. Are there any plans for such a feature? Thanks for your reply~

Hi Ethank- it would be good, but it is not currently possible. It is a frequent request…


In a similar vein, I would like to be able to orient the gumball to one object and then use it to transform another. In other words, I want to transform my objects along the axis of a reference object. I find it very difficult to orient the gumball to exact directions the way I would orient an object using snaps.

Another thing I wish for is to be able to pick one object to orient the gumball when I am transforming a group of objects at once. Setting the gumball to Orient to Object is worthless when there is more than one object selected. I think it defaults to the center of a bounding box which is in turn oriented to the current C planes, but that is probably not what I want with objects at odd angles in space.

Once objects have been boolean unioned, the gumball also reverts to the bounding box. It would be nice to be able to specify a face or vertices to orient to instead.

I recognize Pascal has just said none of this is currently possible, but if it could be incorporated in the future it would vastly increase the usefulness of the gumball for my needs.

Hi Mark- I do not know how much access there is to the auto-gumball in RhinoCommon, -therer may not be much right now- but I have a thought or two in my brainlet about how at least some of this and some other stuff along similar lines could possibly be hacked in as a prototype in the short term.

There is also the request, idea, maybe from you, that there only be one gumball, and it always stays how you left it, and acts on whatever is selected- this seems to me to be worth some thought - I can see how it might be very useful.