Equaly manipulate selection using gumball and pointsOn


In my line of work I regularly

to the left and the right.

Easy example of this would be a rectangle with rounded corners, that is 100x20mm long.
Its needs to be 150x20, so I would make a selection of all the control points left and move them using the gumball -25mm to the left, and +25 for the right side:
(because of the gumball orientation you need the negative value)

I think this is the easiest solution and also the most versetal. Other solutions like
_Extend dont work with multible object at the same time (?)
Scaled1 will break the fillets to Ellipses.

What slows me down currently is typing the value (-25) and 25 over and over again.
(or pressing Home, deleting the - and pressing enter)

Its there a way speed this process up? For example a Auto Hotkey script that you could easily run in the background. It would copy the selected value and return the negative value.

Does anyone els use a technic like this?
:grimacing: I cant write scripts yet


Hi Martjin - I don’t see how to do that an apply it to the gumball - if your moves are in world or CPlane orientations it is probably possible to make a nudging tool in a script that can know to flip the number.


Hi @pascal,

Yes the moves are just in the model space/world.
Do you have an example of a nudging tool that you speak of? That sounds like the solution.