Gumball offset with an inference

Perplexed. I would like to select a subobject and move it with the gumball a precise amount which is referenced by an inference to an osnap end or mid or other inferred point. The gumball allows me to move a precise amount from its current location but I want to move it a precise distance from a different base point. If I want to move the top surface of a box to 10 units from the bottom surface I would like to use the gumboil to reference the bottom and then type in 10 units. What am I missing? Thanks

Hi @Greg_Bishop
Isn’t the distance (in this case 10mm) the same, no matter the base point? Unless you are talking about changing the orientation of the gumball? Depending on whether you are on R7 or R8 either ctrl-drag one of the handles (R7) or double-click one of the handles (R8) to move the gumball (or rotate, if that’s what you are looking for) and then click to enter your numerical value. See the help file for more details on what can be done with the gumball :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

Hi Greg - why do you want to use the gumball for this? The Move command will do this with the From Osnap.


Yes Pascal you are correct that I can do this from the Move command with the from osnap. I just thought the purpose of the gumball was to facilitate this kind of movement and more often than not I want to not just move a face but move it a certain distance not necessarily from where it is but relative to another point or From. I think that capability would be beneficial.

Just change the gumball origin. Double click an arrow, plane symbol or the center and place it wherever you want.

Hi all…I don’t think I explained well what I was looking for with the gumball. Hopefully the attached image clarifies what I am wanting to do.

Gumball_Question.pdf (187.4 KB)

Would you agree that this can be done by moving the gumball twice?

That would be my suggestion, too.

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OK I plead ignorance to how you are doing that. Can you post a step-by-step description or video please. Thanks

Just to avoid misunderstanding, please post a rhino file where you have moved an object with whatever commands are required, without using the gumball. Both old and new positions should be clearly visible.


Here is the file which is shown in the PDF. File contents don’t matter as it is just a question of how to move the face of a box a distance not from its current position but rather from a referenced position of its opposite face such that the distance you type in will be its new distance from that face.

Actually I was incorrect to say I could do it with the Move command as the Move command only seems to give you the option to move the selected object a distance relative to its current position as opposed to I want to move a selected object a distance relative to a new selected point. Please correct me if I am missing something.

Composition 1 Export.3dm (232.2 KB)

Can’t you relocate the gumball by double clicking the blue arrow and entering the distance x, for example -2.03, hit enter and drag the gumball to the opposite face?

Aye Martin. You have hit it. thanks for your explanation. It is opposite to the way I would want to step through it or approach it but it works. When looking for advanced ways of using the gumball I had not seen this approach anywhere. Thanks again

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Thanks and sorry for the repeated questions above. I was looking at your pdf on my phone and it was hard to read.

Glad I was able to help.

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