Gumball copy to specific point?

I’ve been away from Rhino for a while. I forgot, can gumball copy inference a specific point.
In my example, I want to copy the lower box to the red line at the top. I’d like to slide it up and inference the corner point. In Sketchup I’d hold down CTRL, pick the corner, and slide to the position. Even if the boxes were not touching, as long as they were on the same plane it would inference.
Assume I don’t know the distance beforehand, and mirroring is not an option.

Hello - if you set the Gumball to be ‘snappy’ then Osnaps will work.



Press Tap Alt For a copy, after you have started to move it with the blue arrow.

I got both those.
It’s still a 2-step thing.

  1. ALT + gumball arrow, to make the copy.
  2. MOVE then Select the corner and drag to the point.
    Gumball does it’s thing from the center of the object.

I guess what I want is Copy/Move from a selected point on the object?

Seems like the Copy command with OSnaps is the most straightforward but if you want to Gumball, set it to Snappy and while you drag it with the gumball, tap the Alt key to make it a copy.


no, just use Copy or:

relocate gumbal (using ctrl) and then drag + alt:


That works.

How are these small videos created? is it an app or something builtin to Rhino or Windows?

I used camtasia for this

If you have an Nvidia GPU from 9th series or newer, then it has a dedicated chip for video capturing without reducing the system performance during the recording. To capture the screen with such a GPU, you only need to install the “GeForce Experience” (a.k.a. GFE) software which is an optional portion of the Nvidia graphics drivers. By default, the manual screen capture starts by pressing Alt+F9. Press it again and it will stop the recording and save the video. You can read more about GFE here:

I just updated my nVidia drivers yesterday and they installed GFE. I was going to remove it. Will see what it can do.

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Some problems have been noted; do a Discourse search for GeForce Experience for details.