Gumball moves to mouse click - Request

Yes the Gumball can be clicked on and then “relocated” but I’d like to select any type of geometry and say holding “Ctrl + Alt” and left mouse button click on the screen will move the Gumball to that location. This would be a huge upgrade to the overall direct modeling system that makes Rhino so great.

Hi Arthur - in V8, a double-click & drag on a gumball handle (Arrows, Arcs, Scaling, Origin) adjusts the guball control not the selected geometry.


Maybe I explained this incorrectly. Let’s say there is a cube on screen and it’s selected, the Gumball goes to the center of the Cube (which is to be expected). What I would like to do is…

  1. Select the Cube.
  2. By holding “Ctrl+Alt” and selecting a Face, Edge, Vertex would move the Gumball to that geometry selected.

Hoping this screen shot makes sense.