Gumball repositioning Holding CTRL in Rhino 8.7.24 doesn't work


Holding the CTRL Button to relocate the gumball doesn’t work as in R7. I can only use the double click to relocate the gumball option.
I have the Version 8 SR7 (8.7.24138.15431, 2024-05-17).

Is there any option in preference about that?

Thank you!

No, the ctrl button has now a different function with the gumball.

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What is the function?

Depends a bit on the action to be done with the gumball. You can read up on the gumball in Rhino 8 from the online help on Gumball. Check the sections on the different actions.

As I see, and as it was also in R7 it serve for ** Extrude - Ctrl (⌘ on Mac)

  • Drag with Ctrl (⌘) to constrain extruding direction on the plane.**

However, when no face are selected the +CTRL have no use at all and I invite you to try it, why not having it back the useful function of moving the gizmo when nothing is selected?

Thank you in advance!

If nothing is selected, you don’t see the Gumball…

Obliviously, yes that’s right.
I mean please select an object, hold ctrl while clicking on a gumball…

I don’t recall the specifics why exactly it was no longer possible to have ctl+click work the old way. Perhaps @Joshua_Kennedy can share some useful info.

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Any development on the issue, please

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I miss that functionality too. I assumed that it’s just a bug…

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cant recommend this usefull little helper for easing the work with rhino!

for gumball reposition I use it with crtl mmb


Double clicking any part of the gumball is used for relocation now. It is unlikely to change back to the way it was. Previously the gumball depended on order of key presses to determine what would happen. CTRL then click would relocate. Click then pressing CTRL was extrude. This is easy to mess up and difficult to teach and learn. I understand that order was ingrained behavior for you but we went this way to make the gumball more accessible. Now you can toggle between extrude or the other mode as you drag. I think things are more intentional now and you don’t have to restart the whole process if you get the order wrong.

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