Nearly impossible to relocate gumball

R7: CTRL + Click on the little white dot and place.

R8: Still haven’t figured it out but it’s worse and inconsistent. I cannot use the right-click menu because it wrecks my keystrokes.

Other than that liking pretty much everything else!!

To move, rotate, or scale Gumball widget freely

  1. Double-click on a handle.
  2. Drag the handle and release.

Hello,you can change menu ball size also in Rhino8.


Thank-you and Thank-you,

What I’m doing is double clicking on the white ball (the little solid one not the menu ball) and that alone allows me to move the gumball around. Feels like it works better than what I used to do in R7, just getting used to it is all.

Hello- in V8 you can double-click any Gumball control, well, not the extrusion dot, to relocate via that control - e.g. relocate along the red axis by double-clicking the red arrow, etc.



as a keyboard guy I still use my assigned alias GR for !_GumballRelocate


Same here. My alias is simply g because I do this all the time. (gg to toggle the gumball)

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