Gumball problem


I’ve just updated Rhino 7 to Version 7
(7.4.21067.13001, 2021-03-08)

The gumball is behaving differently. When you click on an arrow to start dragging an object to either move or copy with ‘Alt’ depressed, then type in a distance and hit enter, the object moves to where the mouse pointer is on the screen, not to the point specified!

In previous versions the behavior preserved the distance typed in!

Can this be rectified?


I’ve just realised that it seems to need an extra right click on the mouse for the object to move to the specified distance.

The copy tool is showing similar behaviour.

Hi Sach - this bug is fixed in 7.5 and hopefully a 7.4 hot-fix soon.

You can get the fixed (7.5) version by changing the ‘Update frequency’ in Options > Updates and Statistics page to ‘Service release candidate’.



thanks, it works now!