Gumball, control click move not working

I have an issue with moving the gumball to snap to a point/curve etc by holding down the control button and dragging the arrows.

Overnight this has stopped doing it, Ive been doing it for years.
when i control click and drag the gumball the ‘cursor’ still snaps but the ‘gumball centre’ is never positioned on the point it has been dragged to.

I am working on a PC with rhino 6 (i have 7 but has far too many glitches for me at the moment) and I have noticed it also doing the same on my MAc version.

Please help - its driving me crazy to try and resolve.


Hello - I do not have a good idea so far -

Does it move someplace else? Is the gumball set to use Snappy or Smooth dragging?


Hi pascal
So when I control click and drag, the cursor snaps to a point/curve etc, but when I release the button the actual gumball is off by about a CM (for example). It’s set to smoothing.

change it to snappy dragging and it will respect osnaps.

Perfect Thank you.