Gumball is not designed well

Rhino 6 gumball has new handle called extrude handle. The extrude handle is useful, but it is not designed well because I sometimes hit it accidentally when I try to move the object. This problem will be eliminated when the extrude handle is moved to the end of the move arrow. In other words, the triangle at the end of the move arrow should be used as the extrude handle.

So how do you then actually move (not extrude) objects with the Gumball?

The original (Rhino 5) move arrow was made of a line terminated with a triangle. Rhino 6 should use the same move arrow.

When you click the line, only the line is highlighted. If you drag it, the object moves.

When you click the triangle, only the triangle is highlighted. If you drag it, the object is extruded.

There is another problem with the gumball - its free move origin is difficult to pick because it is very small. When we try to pick it, we usually pick move arrows instead. arail already complained about it: Gumball question