Gumball display change when moving object

When moving an object with the gumball in V5 unused handles stay visible as you move the object. This is not the case in v6. Please revert back to the way it was in v5 or make this an option in the gumball settings. Personally I use these handles as a visual aid.

First vid is moving an object with gumball in V5. Notice the unused handles maintain visibility

Second vid is moving an object with gumball in V6. Notice the unused handles are no longer visible.

The new V6 approach makes so much more sense. It gives you certainly that you are ONLY moving in one direction. I’m glad that’s a new default, and it hopefully stays that way as default.

I understand what your saying but I prefer it the other way as I use it as a visual aid. I have become accustom to it as that is the way it was in the previous version. I think it should be optional in the settings.

Is it possible to move in more then one direction when using the handles to drag and move ? I’m genuinely curious.

Maybe we could have best of both worlds and have the handle you are moving highlight in the direction you are moving ? Or have the unused handles lose the arrow tips and just be lines of some sort ?

If that’s our argument to stop a change, and we expect McNeel to hear us just based on that, I’m afraid will never let Rhino evolve. And if for every change we also have to have an option to also have the old way around; Options would become a complete clusterfuck. Also please rest assure that if your reason is just ‘being used to it’, you will be equally used to the new way soon.

I completely understand where you are coming from, and if you can reflect, articulate, and explain how the old way is a visual aid, then maybe you can convince us all. But I think we can help Rhino evolve much better and faster if we withhold out initial judgment to new things and see how they grow on us.

Re: moving in more than one direction…
here’s the obvious

but here is what happens when you have a ton of stuff and hiding the rest is the only thing that gives me certainty that my move was 1D, and not 2D in V6 vs. ambiguous V5




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Oh okay I thought that you were saying there was a way we could move in more then one direction by selecting one of the arrow handles.

I have to move objects around regularly in my design work and while I could use the snappy gumball which works great in some instances this is extra clicks as I will have to turn it on and off regularly. I want to be able to just click and drag as I have always done with the gumball. I use the handle as an easy aid to line things up.

Here is V6

Here is V5

Visually is is much easier with the handle there. I agree with what you are saying about it showing the direction and I also think this is a good advancement. I made my handles longer for both these reasons. The longer arrow meant it was further from the center so I have less likely a chance to click on the center and it helps to aid me with my line-up. Why can we not just highlight the handle in the direction we are moving like I mentioned earlier ? That would suit both needs no ?

Yup! This makes a lot of sense. You are right that it could be a way to still show the other arrow is some not highlighted form. It’s a clear strong guide for alignment. I never saw it used that way. Thanks!


How about replacing the hidden arrows with an infiniteline muck like with smarttracking:



I think these are both great suggestions.

If the smart tracking could be enabled / disabled (how it is enabled / disabled now) I think this would work really well. Often times I want to move a little off true alignment and so the snapping of smart tracking can be a hinderance.

The infinite lines would be a huge bonus for alignment purposes while keeping with the arrow pointing in the direction of movement.

I my only concern with this would be when using 3D viewports. I use these handles for rough alignment even when in these viewports. It would be very interesting to try out.

Or maybe a sort of transparency of the ones not being used. But still there on a semi - transparent state.

Yes this could work too. As Gusto pointed out, the evidence of direction of movement is a good advancement. I think the transparent handles could do that similar to the ghosted body when you use the move command.

Willem’s suggestion of continuous lines has really intrigued me. This would be best for alignment purposes. Some users might not want those extra lines though.

Thanks for replying to this post Gusto. It likely would not have taken off as I don’t think my first post was clear enough and your videos do the new change far better justice then my videos do.

This could also be a transparent plane for perspective viewports, of if object based vidgets are used, and the object isn’t aligned with world xyz

I like Willem’s continuous line idea, but I think they should be a different color or linestyle from the smart tracking lines so you can tell them apart.


1990 called and wants this idea back. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha, that ugly full screen cross hair… I hated that :smiley:

Sorry to bring this up again but this is hurting my workflow when using V6. Will there be anything considered to address this ?

+1 and “hide unused axis” toggle would be nice. Preferably in the righ click menu, but in the settings would also do.

I read through the thread and tried to boil down the request for developer enjoyment…

Regarding infinite lines as modeling aids… Have you tired AddGuide and RemoveGuide? They show up when you need them like in move or curve for instance.

I tried this command and though useful it doesn’t address the concern. It would add many more clicks and commands for something I use a lot that would make things much more cumbersome.

Personally I like Willems suggestion with the ability to toggle it on and off as Holo has stated.