Rhino OSX gumball questions

Trying to figure out if I can cap & extrude a curve with just gumball. I can extrude by pressing the command key while moving one of the c-plane arrows, then capping to make a solid (if planar).

I have been using the shift+command for edges & surfaces, alt key for copy and command for extrude.

Is there also a way to move exact amount or align to object, with gumball, instead of using set points once edge or surface are selected with shift+command?


Hi Randy- in Windows, you can click on an arrow or other control and type in a distance to move the gumball- this is not implemented yet as far as I can see for OSX Rhino. Gumball-extruding of curves always results in open objects, of surfaces in closed objects.

Does any of that clarify things?


Thanks Pascal,

simple answer … yes.

I have come to rely a lot on gum ball & set points.



How exactly are you getting the gumball to extrude lines and surfaces? I’ve tried holding the command button (clover leaf) or shift+command and dragging the blue, red, or green arrows in the gumball with no results. Is there a toggle somewhere that needs to be set? Holding the option button down and dragging the arrow makes copies with no problem.




first use command+shift to select edges or surfaces of a polysurface, then move with gumball or Set points or move etc… To extrude with gum ball, start moving with whatever coloured arrow then press and hold control to create extrusion. It will not work if you hold command first then start dragging (I believe, my day off so no Rhino open). Just tapping alt / option while moving will create copy.

I hope that helps,
Randy / Rudi

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Wow… This is UTTERLY brilliant! Had no idea. Push/Pull modeling… :smile:

One small correction to the good tips from rhinorudi:
“To extrude with gum ball, start moving with whatever coloured arrow then press and hold command to create extrusion.”

I searched for “gumball” topics because I had a different question about the white circle. I would expect it to A) relocate the gumball origin, and/or B) allow me to orient the gumball either to the Cplane OR the Object. Is either possible currently? (Seem to recall Windows version does something like this, but am rebooting less and less into my windows copy lately due to the rapidly expanding capabilities of MacRhino!

The ‘tail’, white circle, is currently not implemented in Rhino OSX. To do (A), relocate gumball, command button+click on the centre white square, not always obvious, release then click and drag said square to your relocate position, this will use Osnaps.

I still am trying to find out how to reset the gumball to centre of object or reset to ‘normal’.

IHTH, Randy

Thanks, Randy!


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Hey rhinorudi I have a question about what you said

I do that but nothing happens. When I command+click and drag the white square, it becomes green but it doesn’t move/snap to any point! Are u sure this is the way to do it? It seemed to be so easy in Rhino for Windows…

Yes works and read the fine print …

Command+left-click centre square THEN RELEASE the mouse button. Then click and drag square to new position. It does not work if you try to command+click and drag.

Bon chance!

One last thing, click in the ‘Tail’ to reset and change other properties.


  1. select curves
  2. begin to drag a gumbail arrow
  3. optional: enter the amount of the drag / extrusion length
  4. let go to drag, or …
  5. let go while holding command to create an extrusion

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