Gumball workflow improvement

I find gumball in rhino very helpful for quickly make extrusion from point to line to surface to Solid. it just fulfill all the needs of architecture and even advanced then sketch-up workflow.
Small improvement will make it even more easier and faster.

  1. Option to Delete the curve after extrusion if the user wants to.
  2. (very specific) Add point by Ctrl+Shift+A by default. it is useful first for gumball extrusion to convert it to line. and second to quickly add point in viewport when working in Grasshopper.
  3. A temporary toggle for snap when doing gumball extrusion/movement, either by Ctrl+Shift or by any combo of modifier keys. Also it should not be like ordinary snap of using BB as base point but it should be closest point where the final point is near the cursor and Base point should be the closest point of the object at the time of snapping. This is the default behaviour in blender and it is useful to quickly snap things on the go using vertex snap.
  1. This is not likely to be implemented. If you want to delete the curve right after extrusion with the gumball, just hit the delete key, or if that key is not convenient, you can also add an Alias for it, e.g. d key.
  2. In Rhino Options under Keyboard you can assign any command to that key combination
  3. I know what you mean and how it works in Blender, it is quite powerful, but at the same time it depends on how Move is implemented in Blender where you can quickly constrain to X, Y and Z globally and locally. Rhino works differently. If you need to move a certain point of an object in Rhino to snap to another point, either grab it by that point to move it in X Y and Z simultaniously, or use Gumball Relocate by Ctrl+Drag the gumball origin point to the point you want to snap, and use the arrows (+Snappy dragging)

Yes i agree that both programs are different and we should learn them to their way. when we switch from one program we instantly wants past workflow but gradually things can be learn to do the same in other software as well.