Gumball Feature Request: Align to View

This was a nice surface editing feature the TSplines gumball had. Give an “Align to View” mode that works like _DragMode _View.

Not long ago I’ve made a similar request.
Pascal suggested using this Macro:
_CPlane _View
_GumballAlignment _CPlane
_GumballRelocate 0 _Enter
_CPlane _Undo


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Nice shank there, @Akash :slight_smile: What kind of pop-up menu is that?

Yeah, I do a lot with named cplanes but that seems tedious. I rock the camera back and forth a lot to see the surface curvature, and it’s one of the things I still jump back to V5 for.

True it is limited. but still useful.
I very much hope Mcneel Dev will add this very much needed view control, After all most other Apps has it.

[here in Zbrush the grey circle and grey arrows always face the camera.]

That’s one of Wacom’s onscreen options.

Do keep the jewellery oriented requests coming,
they are very useful for all of use.


Yeah, Wacom. I never use their menu because my left hand is always on the space mouse (which is why I abandoned ZBrush for 3DCoat).

I am trying to get all my jewelry requests logged (2 more big ones left). I should make an index page for jewelers to easily find them to comment and like. Jewelers don’t have a strong presence here, but we need to show McNeel how many of us want this kind of stuff.

Well the benefit of being left-handed is that one can set the space mouse for the right hand, use the pen on the left and be mouse free.
Zbrush has evolved a lot in the last few years… maybe worth a revisit?

That will be very good,
thanks a lot


So has 3DCoat :slight_smile: Their brushes are now on par and the import/boolean/smooth workflow is very streamlined.

I would definitely upgrade my license and give it another try if Zbrush added support for the space mouse. Until then, the UI and booleans make it a bridge too far.

Here’s the index:

Thank you for the index

*just to mention that Zbrush 2020 upgrades are free from any version, and yes the lack of 3DConnextion support is disappointing, but I somehow learned to live with it.
Not being familiar with 3DCoat I can’t compare.

*it may be a good idea to tag someone in Mcneel for this gumball request as I have noticed at time that treads that show users exchange can go unnoticed.


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Hi Eric - tedious because it does not automatically update with the view, correct? You want essentially a 2d view based gumball, right?

Yes, exactly. We want an on camera move event -> orient gumball to view.

Moving works perfectly with _DrageMode _View, except you lack the gumball handles and rotation/scale controls.

RH-56414 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Interesting to note that it took 5 years for this feature to be implemented (and no thanks to the original thread, it seems). This is not a critique, I know McNeel is a small company, this is just an observation. :slight_smile:

This is awesome, I assume the option will soon be visible also in the Gumball context menu.

Any plans on shortcuts making toggling in between drag modes easier?

Hi - since this was announced as fixed, this feature should now be visible. What is not working?

The GumballAlignment command has settings that you can use in a macro to assign to shortcuts or buttons.

My bad, wasn’t on the latest build yet… it works. Thank you :slight_smile:

I thought a toggle option might be nice

You can use a toggle when there are two options: yes/no, on/off, … Here, there are 4 options.
It’s probably possible to make a python script that cycles through all 4…

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Perhaps by design…? Gumball does not Auto re-align to View once a manipulation has accrued. it has to be reset to world and then back to View.

I’m trying to Macro this, without success so far, so It can be assigned to a button. could you kindly show me how this macro should be? I tried: _GumballAlignment _World _GumballAlignment _View. that doesn’t work.

thanks a lot

Checked, under Win this combination works.

Thanks a lot
here [on Mac] it does not. Gumball doesn’t refresh to the correct orientation.