Big Feature Request - Substitute Reference Objects for Reference Locations

@brian @pascal - I know this is a biggie, but this represents a huge increase to productivity.

The video explains:

  • why this is needed
  • using _Flow as a workaround
  • why _Flow isn’t ideal
  • the request

We’d like to substitute geometry (point, line, planar srf) when a commmand asks for one, two or thee physical reference locations. For example, Copy asks for two single point locations (from and to). You would be able to substitute one or two ref point objects, then have history trigger if the ref obj moves.

I realize there are a lot of commands. These are highest on my wish list:

Single point location/Point Obj

  • _Loft _Point

2 point locations/Line Obj

  • _ArrayPolar
  • _Rotate3D

3 point locations/PlanarSrf

  • _Mirror _3point
  • _Orient3D (with scaling)

I’d love to have _Copy(_Point, _Point), _Orient(_Line), _Mirror(_Line) as well, but will happily get by using a plane with _Orient3D and _Mirror _3point.

We spend all day putting stones into space, and then mating objects (prongs, cutters, bezels, etc) to them. Blocks can only take you so far, because the mating objects do not scale uniformly with the stones.

Hello - yeah, I’ve asked for this too in Revolve. BTW, it does work in Loft if you just select a point object at either end of the loft and not the Point option, which sends you off to pick a location, not an object.
But yes, there are a number of commands where it might make sense to pick objects that can be manipulated for Historical reasons…


I can’t believe a _Point works with _Loft…this is something I’ve needed for a long time. Maybe some contextual clues could be added?


There’s definitely more commands that I would like it on, but I prioritized the big ones that have clunky or no workarounds. Like Orient3pt is #1 with a bullet. Having mating points with independent control over scaling is huge.

Mirror and rotate are tied for second, and array polar is third.

Pascal pushed for this on Revolve and it works great in the WIP.

You have to select the endpoints of a line when it asks for an axis to get history.