Defect? - Gumball snapped to geometry, but Move using another point

Wanted to snap corner of object to grid so I used the CMD key to snap the gumball to the lower-left point of the object as seen in the image. However when I went to move the gumball the point (to the right of the corner) is what Rhino used to snap. Only had End snap on.

I guess this is expected behavior but I don’t like it. There is no value to me with Rhino picking a random grid snap near the cursor to base relative movement on. I would prefer that, if I click on a part of the gumball, that snapping is based on the center of the gumball - and so in this case the gumball pivot snaps to the grid. Is there a setting to get that interaction?

Hello - set Gumball to use Snappy dragging and see how that works for you.


Sorry, I see this is mac - right-click on the gumball to set that (works on Windows too )


That doesn’t help. It snapped my cursor to the gumball but didn’t snap the gumball to the grid. Instead it snaps to an offset grid.

My expectation is that the point I select would snap to the nearest grid point…see image.

I don’t see the value of snapping off grid…