Issue with copying/moving using gumball

In Rhino 6, I could grab an axis arrow on the gumball, drag it and tap ‘alt’ to set it to copy, and then type a distance. The copied object would then snap to that distance on the axis I was grabbing.

In Rhino 7, it doesn’t look like it behaves that way. I’ll grab an axis, drag it and tap ‘alt’, type in a distance, but when I let go, the object will snap to whatever distance my cursor is placed at.

Is there potentially a setting I need to toggle to get the behavior back from Rhino 6, or perhaps I’m doing something wrong altogether.

So, it looks like if I press Enter, it will snap to whatever distance I type in.

That is correct, that is a bug, fixed here; that fix will be in 7.5., it looks like we may not get it into 7.4, at the moment.