Gumball - Align to Object (unexpected orientation / bug / bad update ?)

Mac Version 7 (7.27.23013.15002, 2023-01-13)

In the last weeks I experienced several Gumball Alignments (Align to Object) where the orientation confuses me. Have there bin any changes ? Do I expect to much ? Is it a bug ? Some updates I don t like ?

Picking a single point of a planar Curve - I get this Alignment:

I thought the Alignment was much more like this in earlier version ?
which is somehow related to nearby tangent / normal / curve Frame.
And - if I relocate the Gumball by cmd + gumball-rotate - the entire curve is colored as selected …

Picking corresponding Edit Point - the Alignment looks like I expect:

thanks for having a look at this

kind regards -tom

curve_gumball_alignment.3dm (2.9 MB)

Hi Tom - this seems to have to do with the curve being SubD friendly - if you SubDUnfriend, the alignment is as I think you expect… I’ll run this by a developer, thanks for pointing it out.

RH-72629 Gumball - curve points and SubD friendly


RH-72629 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 28 Release Candidate