Weird Gumball behaviour in version 8 WIP (8.0.22123.12306, 2022-05-03)

The gumball has a couple of issues in Rhino 8 WIP (8.0.22123.12306, 2022-05-03) that I noticed in the now fixed TestMetal mode.

When object aligned, it moves to the world origin, but only if polysurface vertices are selected?
CPlane, world, and view alignment move it back to the selected vertex.

Notice also how weirdly huge, it’s scale handles get in comparison to the move handles. This also seems to be related to the alignment “bug”, since the handles are fine, when the gumball sits on the vertex. The blue handle is also longer than the other two?

Other example with a selected curve vertex. Here it happens more inconsistently, but when it does changing the alignment doesn’t fix the handles.

When object aligned, the gumball also sits at seemingly random places, when in “object” mode, where I think it previously used to be placed at the object or bounding box centroid?

Unrelated, but also weird, is that polyline vertices currently can only be selected, by first selecting the curve object and then one of the highlighted vertices.

Shift + CMD + LMB currently only allows you to select polyline segments.

I’m on macOS 11.6.5 (Big Sur).

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