Gumball orientation not as expected


If I exploded my profile curve then I get the gumball orientation I expect. However Ideally I would prefer to keep my profile curve joined - but the orientation of the gumball is rotated.

.gball.3dm (120.5 KB)

EDIT: Select the white circle on the gumball and change the setting to Align to CPlane and it should do as you expect.

mine appears to be the other way around when selecting the curves but identical when selecting the CPs



I’m using Rhino V5.8.40305.11495 05/04/2014

Hi Keith- if you Join then Explode the curves, does it ‘reset’ the gumball on the arc? Gumball position is saved on the object, so if you set it at any point or rotated the arc using gumball, it will stick. You can use Reset Gumball in the white circle context menu. Any luck?


Hi Pascal,

I have a related question. In my post above the Gumball seems to be located at the center of the arc and orientated at the start of the arc. The Setting I have for the alignment of the Gumball is CPlane. Why should it be different for Arcs?

Hi Danny- I’m not sure- here it resets if I change the global alignment setting between CPlane and Object- are you saying that is not the case for you? (a single arc selected)


Apologies. I didn’t realise that the setting was sticky for the file assumed it was a global preference. My bad