Gumball alignment issues

When I trim an object or use a boolean difference command, the gumball orientation changes. I don’t seem to be able to realign it to the actual direction of the object, and it seems to just be going in the direction of C-Plane. I have tried various settings with the Tail on the tool, but nothing seems to be working.

Is this normal? Does the gumball reset after you alter a surface? I have never had this issue before, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention.


I take it back now. I undid all of the commands, and am still running into the same problem with regards to alignment.

Hi Tristan - If Gumball is set to align by CPlane, then the default will of course be that - if you make a new object - which is what a BD does, then it gets a whole new Gumball and that will be CPLane aligned. Does that make sense with what you see?