Gumbail open curve

hello and happy holidays,

I have trouble positioning the ‘gumbail’ on a curve each time in the ‘perspective’ window the ‘gumbail’ is where I don’t want it. So positioning the ‘gumbail’ on the x and y axes is not as easy as on a 3D object

you have to click 3 times, the first I guess that’s where you want to place it, and then for x and y I click in which view?
Thank you.

I found that I clicked once for where I want the gumbail and in the same view on the x and y axes. everything is fine, but … if I deselect the curve, the ‘gumbail’ is repositioned in the center of my ‘open curve’ it does not keep its position in memory

already this comes from the fact that it is a group of 8 curves …

while the curves were already joined I joined them again, rhino this time put control points on the curve, now I place the gumball directly on the control points. :neutral_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hello Luc,

Have you tried _GumballAutoReset?

Also, just a tip if you do not know ; holding the “Control key” while clicking the gumball origin point let you move its location by dragging. Or it can be move by individual axis/plane using the same principles but clicking the axis/plane associated.

I deselected tried _GumballAutoReset

Same issue ;

Thank’s Craig