Guitar body question

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and for the moment figuring out tutorials and lessons and the trial version of Rhino. Lots of fun and I already managed to build a few models for a guitar design I hope to make using Rhino, still quite a lot of questions so here I go, is this method the best to cut out body and forearm carvings on the guitar ? The result look ok to me, but just wondering if there are better ways.

Here’s a pic of the forearm carving on the guitar body I did using the following

  1. Curve of the body
  2. Extrude for making a solid
  3. Make a 4 corner plane of the part to cut
  4. Boolean split
  5. adding a few fillets to smooth out everything

On other guitars I’ll have also carved tops and also smooth neck joints to make, so not sure yet how I would do that, but it seems that the result is quite close to what I need for this type of basic guitar body. Later on I can cut away the openings for pickups, electronics etc



You’ve done quite well for a beginner. You may want to investigate cage edit, solid points on (both of which will help you tweak the shape of a solid once you’ve established it) and some of the videos online about sole design – or shoe design-- that have examples of the variable edge fillet command that will allow you to vary the radius of your fillet as you go around your guitar. There are hundreds of videos online. Brian James has excellent ones but there are others. Brian James videos on headphone design are particularly interesting because they illustrate the use of the gumball tool to shape a solid organically.

Feel free to post specific questions here or call McNeel’s technical support directly. People will be happy to answer them.

Good luck.


Hi Cosmas,
thanks so much for coming back to me and for the additional suggestions, I didn’t knew about cage edit yet but will definitely check it out as well as the shoe designs tutorials (I must say I’m really impressed with the number of good tutorials for Rhino out there, definitely adds a lot of value to the soft). The variable fillet is something I’ll need to check out I had this in ViaCad and it was interesting but for now (and comparing to a real guitar here) I think the outer border is just a simple fillet.

Not sure how I would do the texture for such model especially when using wood textures so the carved and side parts look natural as carved into one block of wood. I saw a few tutorials on this, but it doesn’t seem to be that simple.

Thanks ,