Help with guitar body surfaces

i am new to much of the poly surfaces and can’t seem to get the order of what to do first. this is a flat guitar body that has a rough but approximate variable edge radius. i want to add the blue surface and incorporate the variable edge radius.

so what would be the sequence of operations to get me there?


contoured heel.3dm (317.0 KB)

here’s the file.

Hi! First what you should do is fix that fillet (play a little with parameters).

the variable fillet was just a first attempt, partly to see how it works, but mostly so i could show what i am aiming for.
the advice i’m hoping for is the sequence of things i need to do to put the surfaces together so that i can then do a variable fillet on the whole thing.

It looks basically OK to me - the only thing is to AddHandle in the FIlletEdge command in a couple of places to avoid that too-large radius there in the image above.


what i am not grasping is what order do i deal with the surfaces. how do i add the blue surface into the back flat surface so that i can then do the edge fillet on the new polysurface and the side wall?

Ah, OK- Right now, the smaller cyan surface does not fully intersect the body of the guitar, so I am not sure what you intend there - but I think, deal with this prior to adding the fillets. Do you have an image of how you want it all to look there?


Here’s a pic of a similar model that we have been doing for years just
cutting that cyan surface then hand blending into a digitized surface
inside the cutaway. Obviously want to do away with all the blending and cut
them complete.
So I guess the question is what would be the correct way to get the result?

Hi Tom- if this is the area you are working on

then I think making this surface and bending it around through that area is a perfectly good way to go- you can run Intersect with History on, so that you can see what shape the cut will have. When done, make sure the cutter surface direction is pointing in at the body (Dir command) and you can make the cut with BooleanDifference. Then, if I am reading your images correctly, make transitions (fillets) along those edges.

Something like this-

contoured heel_Cutter.3dm (222.2 KB)