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I’m sorry if this is a redundant question. I’m a total newbie to Rhino and feel lost. I’ve been making electric guitars for a while now and am just getting started with CNC and am hoping to use Rhino to design my bodies.

I designed my body using Vcarve Pro and have been able to cut out a few bodies using this program, but I know I need to learn Rhino in order to make more sophisticated designs and necks.

Right now, I’m stuck on a forearm contour. I’ve tried creating a planar surface, but can’t seem to do anything with it. I also tried creating a different surface where the forearm contour will be and then bending that, but I can’t seem to bend it correctly.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!


Verse T-Style Body.3dm (776.5 KB)

Hi Jay - please post a file with what you have so far, or, if it is confidential, send to, with a link back here in your comments.


Hello Pascal,

Happy to post. Please let me know if I haven’t done it correctly (yes, I am that technologically incompetent).


Hi Jay - click on this icon -

in your response.


Verse T-Style Body.3dm (776.5 KB)

Please let me know if I’m still not doing this correctly. Thank you!

Hi Jay - I think what you want is the Cap command - note if you extrude a curve that is closed and planar, you can get a solid object from the start by setting the command line option Solid=Yes.


Thanks for the reply. So when you say “cap command” am I using this command to create a surface on the face of the guitar body?

Hi jay - maybe I am answering the wrong question - the body looks fine to me (though you may want to investigate making these swoopy shapes using Rhino’s curve tools rather than a series of arcs) , but it is open, top and bottom - I thought you may want to close it off - if there is more specific modeling question, you’ll need to spell it out for me, my guitar jargon is not very sophisticated.


Yes, I think I need to back up a bit. Before I get into any faces, I need to close this curve. I’ve identified the open points, using the “show ends” command, but I cannot seem to delete those points. Do you think it would be advantageous to start over using fewer points or am I able to clean it up without having to start over?

Hi Jay - the contour curve is closed - SelClosedCrv - what you have there is perfectly fine as far as I can see, its just that the body is open,

and I’d think you want it to be closed

hence the Cap command…


Got it. Yes, the cap command seemed to do the job! So, back to my original question. I’m trying to bend the surface to create a forearm contour on an electric guitar. I’ll attach an image to give you an idea of what I mean.

If you look up @Alejo has a series of videos on a guitar he builds. It might give you something to learn by.—-Mark


I will! Thank you so much!

Hi Jay - here’s one way -

Verse T-Style Body_Maybe.3dm (1.2 MB)

Note the blue curve is an intersection of the cutter surface and the body - it will update as you adjust points on the cutter, so you can see exactly what the cut will look like.


That’s it! Will you walk me through it? Is 3pt plane a command or am I just creating a rectangle? Do I do this in top view?

See if this helps -


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Yes, that totally helped, but when I try to bend it, it doesn’t bend through the plane. It just seems to extend it on the same plane. Does that make sense?

Nevermind. It seems to work when I turn off the gumball.

Hi Jay - I used the Gumball to move the points down. But you can also use a different view and Ortho or Elevator Mode in the perspective view or MoveUVN… lots of options.

Check Level1
and Level2


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Yes, I’m used to one option. There are so many different ways to do it. I see how you did it with the gumball. Now, do I just trim it?